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Road Sentinel

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the worldwide leader in AI solutions, data collection and predictive analysis for the transportation industry.

Our Mission

Making Roads Safer

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity

Our Strategy

Create comprehensive AI computer vision solutions for the transportation industry that goes beyond safety.

Our Strength

Decades of experience in government contracting, road safety, machine learning and data analysis.

Why does Road Sentinel Exist?

After spending years designing and selling road safety products, I saw the horror of accidents involving faulty guardrail end-treatments and vowed to find a way to minimize these deaths and injuries in the future.

Making Road Safety Inspections Safe, Fast and Cost Effective

It can take a long time to manually inspect our roadways, and in doing so, it puts employees in danger by forcing them to leave the vehicle to inspect.  Also, because these inspections may only happen once every 2-5 years, it increases the odds that they may be slightly damaged over time, and risks the lives of drivers every second.

Why choose Road Sentinel?

We specialize in providing specific information in regards to the status of road safety devices.  We are not a manufacturer of these devices or attempting to sell them.