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Road Sentinel
  • Making Roads Safer

​Road Sentinel is an AI computer vision company.  
Our AI inspection tool quickly determines if a road safety barrier or guard rail structure is damaged or not operational. Using proprietary high resolution 3D imagery and computer vision, Road Sentinel greatly reduces the time to inspect and prioritize repairs that in the could save 3 lives per day.
10 Times More Efficient - 25% of Staff Required - 1/3 of the Cost

3D Imagery

We start with driving and collecting high resolution optical 3D imagery of roadside guardrail, barriers and end treatments.

AI Computer Vision

We then process this video with our proprietary computer vision model on an edge device to classify, locate and determine if a structure is damaged.

Data Analytics

After we analyze the images using our AI model, we post process the data in the cloud to provide alerts, reports in a customer dashboard.


Number of Guardrail End Treatments in the U.S.


Miles of  Guardrail in the U.S.


Average Number of Guardrail Injures per Year in the U.S.


Average Number of Guardrail Deaths per Year in the U.S.

Departments of Transportation

Manual inspections are dangerous, time consuming and inefficient.  Let Road Sentinel keep your employees out of harms way, inspect faster and more frequently while helping to keep our roads safer.

Road Maintenance Contractors

When you are contracted by the DOT to install and maintain road safety structures, you also take on the liability.  Let Road Sentinel help you determine when a repair or replacement is required and reduce liability.

More than road safety inspections

Our goal is to become the worldwide leader in AI solutions for transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and more! 

AI Computer Vision Models

We are not stopping with just road safety, we intend to develop more computer vision models to solve other transportation related problems.

Data Collection & Analysis

Data is great to have, but what do you do once you have it?  We want to be your partner in helping to turn data into useful actions.

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Our Team

Your goods are in good hands

We are dedicated experts in computer vision, AI and data analytics - and passionate about road safety.

Scott Kroeker

CEO & Founder

Tim Goebel

Computer Vision Engineer

Ed Wiley PhD

Advisor for Machine Learning & Data Analytics

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We are located in Nebraska and would love to visit your state!